10 Netflix Streaming Movies To Watch

Every once in awhile I report on all the Netflix randoms that are suggested to you, but you might skip over because of risk factor. Is it cool and sundancey? Or is it too slow and arty? Is it a sweet and kinda funny Anna Faris movie or one of those shitty Anna Faris movies? There’s a lot of mess on the Netflix. I did a little sifting. 

21 and overimage

If you watch one movie on this list. WATCH THIS ONE. No one knows about this movie, but it’s goddamn fun and hilarious. You wouldn’t know from the cover, because it just looks like some random stupid movie about drunk kids. But it has a sort of Superbad-esque journey/mission in the plot. There’s three high school friends who reunite during college and one of them has a big med school interview one morning, but they still go out and party the night before. The med school kid straight passes out and they have to figure out how to get him home. SHA-NAN-IGANS. At one point the med school kid gets stuffed in the dash of a smart car. That kid Miles Heller from Spectacular Now is in it, and he SO good and funny; I’m a new fan of his.

Prince Avalancheimage

It’s got Paul Rudd and the kid from Into the Wild, playing the best part of this movie: the super weird awkward characters. They work as partners doing road work in the middle of nowhere, and they have to camp out. There’s one absolutely incredible scene when the kid from Into the Wild is in total anguish, in full tears, because he failed to get laid when he was home for the weekend.

It’s a Disasterimage

The dorky characters in this movie have “couples brunch,” even though they don’t really like it. Then some sort of radiation bombs go off and they are trapped in the house, faced with the fact that everyone in the city is going to die. It’s a tad bit funny and David Cross’s character is pretty good because he’s the new guy in the group. It also has Julia Stiles and America Ferrera. The one “free-spirited” and “alternative” chick (Rachel Boston) is completely annoying and a terrible actor, but the movie is good enough to watch.


Amanda Seyfried is good in this; it’s a pretty interesting story (based on truth of course). It’s well-made and kind of pretty. The creepy-ass Peter Sarsgaard is a creepy ass bastard in it.

I Give It a Yearimage

This is a nice fun movie, and I really like that lady Rose Byrne. She plays a boring uptight person just like she did in Bridesmaids. Anna Faris is in it too. There’s some pretty funny cute jokes that I actually laughed at. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s cute enough to watch.



This really cute and beautifully made movie is beautifully set in Whales, which I guess is somewhere in Europe. The main character Oliver has the most fascinating nerdiness and awkwardness. He calculates everything, and even keeps track of the success of his parents’ relationship by tracking their sex life by checking the setting of the bedroom light switch. His little girlfriend Jordana is adorable, the dad actor (Noah Taylor) is totally great. Sally Hawkins is wonderful as the mom. I really enjoyed this.

Electrick Childrenimage

This little mormon chick believes that her unborn baby was immaculately concepted by a man who played guitar and sang “Hanging on the Telephone,” and recorded it on a tape that she found in her mom’s basement. So she goes out in search of him in Las Vegas, and she’s out in the world for the first time as 15-year-old pregnant girl. She befriends Rory Culkin (McCauley’s little brother!). A beautiful movie, a lovely story.

How to Lose Friends & Alienate Peopleimage

Simon Pegg is good & funny in this. It also stars Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox nails her role as a beautiful person. A solid film with some fun and a happy ending.

Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactusimage

Whoa, Michael Cera. What a crazy creepy asshole. I mean seriously, Cera is so good at playing a fully neurotic insecure creep-o that I wanted him to go away so badly. He’s just like anyone you’ve ever travelled with that can’t possibly go with flow in any way. He hangs out with some brothers and they drive out to the desert to cook up some special brand of peyote that comes from a specific cactus. On the way they meet the free-spirited Crystal Fairy, played by Gaby Hoffman. Good movie, man. Crazy and weird.

What Maisie Knewimage

This is a heartbreaking story about a little girl with asshole parents. It’s particularly heartbreaking because of how cute the girl is and how willing she is to sort of go along with it. Juliane Moore and Steve Coogan play the jerk parents. It’s a good New York movie.


Spotlight Of The Week - Han Solo (art by Jerry Vanderstelt)

Netflix Stinker of the Week: ‘Stuck in Love’


I really like Greg Kineer and Jennifer Connelly, but Stuck in Love was a little bit of an eye-roller. It started out ok for awhile, but slowly got stupider. The worst part of it was Samantha (Lily Collins). She’s a goddamn annoying asshole. And her whole deal was so cliche. Because of her parents’ bad relationship, she doesn’t believe in love and she avoids it at all costs. She acts like a dick to dudes, she’s openly promiscous, and she “doesn’t do boyfriends.” Guess what happens to her? Yeah. She’s struck by love. Her feelings come out. She cries a little and says “I’m really scared.” She’s also from a family of snobby-ass writer dorks (Greg Kineer is her dad) who are sooo cool and liberal and all like “Go out and live your life! So you can write about it, man.” 

Another hilariously bad part was when Greg Kineer’s high school writer son was finally inspired to write furiously after his girlfriend went away to rehab. He finally had a real experience, so he wrote. During his inspired writing montage, Greg Kineer sneaks into in his son’s bedroom door and crosses his arms, leans against the frame, smiles, and quietly exits. AND fucking Stephen King fucking called up the goddamn high school kid on the phone and said “hey I really like your story!” Jesus.

Actor of the Year Award: Constantine in ‘Muppets Most Wanted’


What a genius performance by Constantine the Frog. He’s an evil Russian frog, but he pretended to be Kermit in the movie by covering up the mole on his face. So he would hilariously say “It’s the Muppet show with our special guest Selma Hayek! Yaayayayyaay!” in a very hilarious broken forced American accent. Best bad imitation of Kermit of all time. Best bad American accent of all time. Congrats, Constantine.

I’m watching #300 and I can’t stop staring at Gerard Butler’s abs. I’m trying to figure out if they are CGI or not.

I’m watching #300 and I can’t stop staring at Gerard Butler’s abs. I’m trying to figure out if they are CGI or not.

"The Other Woman" Has the Worst Poster Ever

I was first made aware of the The Other Woman in a movie theater when I saw the large poster in a movie theater. I had no prior knowledge of the movie at all. When I saw the big cardboard poster I rolled my eyes and said “ugh, gross,” and then a woman who just happened to be standing right in front of the poster got offended. So then I said “oh no, not you, the other woman,” and she looked around, seeing no one and walked away.

The poster features the title, “The Other Woman” next to a set of brass knuckles with a diamond ring on the ring finger. I don’t know about you, but when I see this poster my mind immediately goes to the classic scenario of one younger lady who is having an affair with a married man, and the woman he is married to getting violent and wanting to physically harm the other lady. Right? Not only do the clichés of “crazy jealous women” in movies and TV point to this theory, but there’s a freaking wedding ring on the brass knuckles. It’s obviously an accessory of a violent married woman.

Leslie Mann’s name is on the poster, along with Cameron Diaz’s and Kate Upton’s. So after I saw the poster the offended woman walked away, I said “Oh, that’s too bad because I really like Leslie Mann”

Later I watched the trailer and it turns out the movie is about three women getting together to get revenge on the man that had relationships with all three of them, each in secret. Ok so the real premise is not genius, and perhaps a bit of an eye-roller. Are these women going to physically attack this man, street gang style? It’s still bad cliché about women. But hey, it looks kind of fun. Thanks to Leslie Mann I definitely still want to see it.

'The Great Beauty' is on Hulu Plus


The Great Beauty, which is the Italian film that won best foreign language Oscar and that I have been hootin’ & hollerin’ about on this blog, to my friends, and on horseback all throughout the streets of New York, is on Hulu Plus. 

Now will you watch it? For crying out loud! It’s free! (if you have a Hulu Plus account, which you should; it’s a cheap alternative to cable) I need to talk to someone about this movie!

Jon Hamm Is a Movie Star

Mad Men is starting this weekend. To remind people that Jon Hamm is not just a Mad Men star but a movie star, and also to capitalize on Jon Hamm’s upcoming trendingness, I made this stupid collage.

#JonHamm has been in movies such as Bridesmaids, Mad Men, Shrek Forever After, Mad Men, Space Cowboys, Friends with Kids, Mad Men, Don Draper, Clear History, Mad Men, Dick Wittman, Howl, Mad Men, and #MadMen, starring #JonHamm



Captain America: The Winter Soldier by JB Roux


Captain America: The Winter Soldier by JB Roux


Enter the Void by Tim Bridges


Enter the Void by Tim Bridges

Actor of the Year Award Double Feature: Ralph Feinnes in ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘The Invisible Woman’

imageIn the past few months, Ralph Feinnes has (figuratively) grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me really hard, slapped me across the cheek, and grabbed hold of my face, saying “Bitch look at me! Look at me! I am an incredible actor! I am one of the best actors alive and I’ve had two very impressive performances within a year’s time!” And I was like “Oh my gawd, Ralph Feinnes, you’re right. I’m sorry I never paid attention to you before”. 

A few months ago I saw The Invisible Woman, co-starring Ralph Fiennes (he directed it too). The movie was pretty slow and whatever, but Ralph Fiennes played Charles Dickens and oh my gawd he was so good. Damn.

Last week I saw Grand Budapest Hotel starring Ralph Fiennes. The movie was very very excellent and Ralph Fiennes blew my face off with his acting performance. For the second time in a row. I know it’s early, but I Ralphie HAS to be nominated for an Oscar for this one. He has to be!

Hey! Ralph Fiennes is a really really great actor! Aaaaaahhhh!

This ‘Gravity’ Deleted Scene Would Have Made The Movie EVEN Better


Gravity by Kate Syska
Doc of the Month Club: Finding Vivian Maier


My fellow blogging colleague and friend over at Nails and Ales invited me to a hip screening at her side day job as a content producer (us bloggers keep side jobs to pay the bills). After I showed up at the hippest office I’ve ever been to called Neuehouse and had 2 free beers courtesy of their daily happy hour, we headed downstairs to the hip screening room. It’s hip because you have to walk in front of the screen to leave the room and go potty, and there’s almost no leg room in the seats. I had a coat and scarf in one arm, a beer in one had, and some mixed nuts, a mini bag of popcorn, and a mini bag of M&M’s in the other. We carefully sat down. Then we moved seats to more bathroom accessible spot. Ten minutes into Finding Vivian Maier I realized I left my phone in the happy hour area, and since I don’t trust men who wear scarves indoors, I went to go get it. But I spilt my beer on the floor on the way out. I hate missing any part of documentaries because you never know when they are just going to blow the lid off something. I also hate spilling beer during documentaries (or during 12 Years a Slave, which I also did) What a mess!


ANYWHO, the lid didn’t quite get blown off while I was getting my phone, and the movie turned out to be way more excellent than I had imagined. Vivian Maier is a weird nanny lady and an amazing photographer who took stunning street photography mostly in New York, Chicago, and on some international travel in the 50’s and 60’s before street photography was really a thing. She never showed her work and they were found, developed, and organized after her death in 2009. This documentary explores her curious mysterious life, whether she would want her work shown, and what made her such a great talent. The entertaining movie had some funny parts, but also some dark stuff. It was an exciting hip experience.

Thumbs Up of the Week: The Great Beauty


I mean. This shit is for real. Wow. Ok. Phew. Um. So it’s Italian. Ok and it’s like, really good. And there’s this man. Oh my gawd, this is so good. This movie called La Grande Bellezza or The Great Beauty is a sort of coming of age movie but with an old dude. His name is Jep, he parties hard, and after his 65th birthday party (amazing scene) he starts to reflect on the life he spent in Rome and question his success. He wrote a novel when he was younger and people keep asking him why he never wrote another one. The movie essentially answers that question in a beautiful inspiring trippy amazing way. Even though it’s about an old Italian man, it’s so goddamn relatable. It’s weird, it’s meandering, it’s crazy. But it is soooooo good. Please watch it. It’s for your own good. It’s on itunes. Watch it.