'The Great Beauty' is on Hulu Plus


The Great Beauty, which is the Italian film that won best foreign language Oscar and that I have been hootin’ & hollerin’ about on this blog, to my friends, and on horseback all throughout the streets of New York, is on Hulu Plus. 

Now will you watch it? For crying out loud! It’s free! (if you have a Hulu Plus account, which you should; it’s a cheap alternative to cable) I need to talk to someone about this movie!

Jon Hamm Is a Movie Star

Mad Men is starting this weekend. To remind people that Jon Hamm is not just a Mad Men star but a movie star, and also to capitalize on Jon Hamm’s upcoming trendingness, I made this stupid collage.

#JonHamm has been in movies such as Bridesmaids, Mad Men, Shrek Forever After, Mad Men, Space Cowboys, Friends with Kids, Mad Men, Don Draper, Clear History, Mad Men, Dick Wittman, Howl, Mad Men, and #MadMen, starring #JonHamm



Captain America: The Winter Soldier by JB Roux


Captain America: The Winter Soldier by JB Roux


Enter the Void by Tim Bridges


Enter the Void by Tim Bridges

Actor of the Year Award Double Feature: Ralph Feinnes in ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘The Invisible Woman’

imageIn the past few months, Ralph Feinnes has (figuratively) grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me really hard, slapped me across the cheek, and grabbed hold of my face, saying “Bitch look at me! Look at me! I am an incredible actor! I am one of the best actors alive and I’ve had two very impressive performances within a year’s time!” And I was like “Oh my gawd, Ralph Feinnes, you’re right. I’m sorry I never paid attention to you before”. 

A few months ago I saw The Invisible Woman, co-starring Ralph Fiennes (he directed it too). The movie was pretty slow and whatever, but Ralph Fiennes played Charles Dickens and oh my gawd he was so good. Damn.

Last week I saw Grand Budapest Hotel starring Ralph Fiennes. The movie was very very excellent and Ralph Fiennes blew my face off with his acting performance. For the second time in a row. I know it’s early, but I Ralphie HAS to be nominated for an Oscar for this one. He has to be!

Hey! Ralph Fiennes is a really really great actor! Aaaaaahhhh!

This ‘Gravity’ Deleted Scene Would Have Made The Movie EVEN Better


Gravity by Kate Syska
Doc of the Month Club: Finding Vivian Maier


My fellow blogging colleague and friend over at Nails and Ales invited me to a hip screening at her side day job as a content producer (us bloggers keep side jobs to pay the bills). After I showed up at the hippest office I’ve ever been to called Neuehouse and had 2 free beers courtesy of their daily happy hour, we headed downstairs to the hip screening room. It’s hip because you have to walk in front of the screen to leave the room and go potty, and there’s almost no leg room in the seats. I had a coat and scarf in one arm, a beer in one had, and some mixed nuts, a mini bag of popcorn, and a mini bag of M&M’s in the other. We carefully sat down. Then we moved seats to more bathroom accessible spot. Ten minutes into Finding Vivian Maier I realized I left my phone in the happy hour area, and since I don’t trust men who wear scarves indoors, I went to go get it. But I spilt my beer on the floor on the way out. I hate missing any part of documentaries because you never know when they are just going to blow the lid off something. I also hate spilling beer during documentaries (or during 12 Years a Slave, which I also did) What a mess!


ANYWHO, the lid didn’t quite get blown off while I was getting my phone, and the movie turned out to be way more excellent than I had imagined. Vivian Maier is a weird nanny lady and an amazing photographer who took stunning street photography mostly in New York, Chicago, and on some international travel in the 50’s and 60’s before street photography was really a thing. She never showed her work and they were found, developed, and organized after her death in 2009. This documentary explores her curious mysterious life, whether she would want her work shown, and what made her such a great talent. The entertaining movie had some funny parts, but also some dark stuff. It was an exciting hip experience.

Thumbs Up of the Week: The Great Beauty


I mean. This shit is for real. Wow. Ok. Phew. Um. So it’s Italian. Ok and it’s like, really good. And there’s this man. Oh my gawd, this is so good. This movie called La Grande Bellezza or The Great Beauty is a sort of coming of age movie but with an old dude. His name is Jep, he parties hard, and after his 65th birthday party (amazing scene) he starts to reflect on the life he spent in Rome and question his success. He wrote a novel when he was younger and people keep asking him why he never wrote another one. The movie essentially answers that question in a beautiful inspiring trippy amazing way. Even though it’s about an old Italian man, it’s so goddamn relatable. It’s weird, it’s meandering, it’s crazy. But it is soooooo good. Please watch it. It’s for your own good. It’s on itunes. Watch it. 

Genius Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Look More Like J-Law

This woman named Kitty was ugly before. Thanks to the magic of plastic surgery, NOW she’s beautiful because she looks almost exactly like Jennifer Lawrence. Smart move. It was totally worth the money that she took out of her child’s college fund. I wish I had thought of this first. 

Here’s my favorite quote: 

“I’m trying to look like a very capable, very personal level-headed female who is an Academy Award winner.”

Kitty’s a genius.

Wes Anderson Adorable Supercut
Chris Messina: The King of Netflix

Chris Messina makes shit tons of movies. He’s been sort of living under the radar and starring in millions and millions of Netflix and indie movies, along with a a few big movies like Julie & Julia, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Argo. By the way he was in Rounders?! and You’ve Got Mail? And guess what? He’s a good actor, and quite an excellent romantic interest.Here is his Netflix Streaming resumé.

Ira & AbbyimageThis was CUTE. Quite a fun movie! Check it out. Samantha from “Who’s the Boss” is in it. Fred Willard is in it. Pre Don Draper Jon Hamm is in it in such an awesome way. By the way, Hamm is IRL married to the movie’s writer/director Jennifer Westfeld who plays Abby and also wrote and directed Friends with Kids. I did not like Friends with Kids, and the premise of this one was not encouraging either, because it has an Along Came Polly type romance in it. It could have used an Along Came Polly type shart, but I say that about all movies. This movie surprised me pleasantly. And Messina did well in the role of a neurotic uptight kind of dude. He didn’t overplay it. 

Humboldt CountyimageThere’s some very unprofessional inappropriate things I could say about Chrissy’s role in Humboldt County as super hot sexy stoner, but it would devalue my position as a strong, smart, lady movie blogger. He’s a great actor, and he acted his pants off (ha!) in this. But this movie was VERY mediocre. I wrote about it before and gave it a thumbs down, and then my friend was like “Girl I love what you said about Humboldt County because I know the guy that made that movie and he’s a total douche!” And then I felt bad and was like “omg I have to watch what I say; I’m so not an internet troll!” And then I never gossiped again.  


DevilimageThis movie is not good. But Chris is good in it. I mean, he did what he could, acting-wise. As a no-nonsense police, he also did what he could to help people stuck in an elevator and getting killed off one by one. You could watch this movie for kicks? I don’t know. It’s really not good. You could watch it while you are blogging or Tindering or rearranging your home or not at all. The whole movie is ridiculous.

The Giant Mechanical ManimageThis movie is kind of weird and quirky and cute. It’s a bit slow, but it’s a nice feel-gooder. Messina is great in it of course. Duh. Pam from “The Office” is also great as his co-star love interest. It’s about two sort of losery people who fall in love.

28 Hotel RoomsimageThis movie is suprisingly pretty good. It’s a romantic drama (yikes). In fact, if someone had told me the premise of this ahead of time, I would have said “NO WAY! GET A WAY FROM ME!” really loud. It’s about an extra-marital relationship that is contained within the walls of hotel rooms only, and the push and pull and guilt and the complications that come with it. Right? It sounds terrible. But it’s not bad. I think the acting really saved it; it seemed very natural with a lot of improv.

imageI can’t decide. This movie is heavily uncomfortable. Ben Stiller as Greenberg whines a lot. Messina is only in it a little bit, but it’s worth bringing up because he plays a bit of a dickbag. Or maybe he’s just tired of his brother’s whining. I would be. I am. In Greenberg’s defense, he is a bit mentally ill and had recently suffered a nervous breakdown or something. Anyway, the movie is worth a shot; it co-stars Greta Gerwig and is directed by Noah Baumbach.

An Invisible SignimageMan, this was disappointing. Jessica Alba completely ruined this movie. She sucked. Chris couldn’t save this movie all by himself, because even though his acting was great, it made no sense for him to have a crush on Alba because she played a super weirdo character in a completely unrealistic way. The script called for a weirdo, but it was to the point where she could barely function independently and her social skills were non-existent. She refused to talk to Chris’s character until he followed her and forced her to talk to him. Her character doesn’t like music or movies and brought an axe to her teaching job at an elementary school. And it’s not like she was wearing pumps and pencil skirts either. Her pretty face was covered by her gross bangs. Messina’s character was buggin’ by following that fucked up weirdo around.

Also check out Messina’s non-streaming movies that look decent: Ruby Sparks, Away We Go, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Monogamy, and Fairhaven. He’s everywhere!

Movies and Toilet Paper Come Together on Amazon Prime


I finally subscribed to Amazon Prime. I’m really into it man! For $79 a year you can watch a large selection of old and mediocre movies. There’s also TV shows, documentaries, and Jillian Michaels and Jane Fonda workout videos.

Even though it might have a little bit of content that’s not on Netflix Streaming, it’s still no Netflix Streaming. Prime doesn’t have personalized recs, a smooth interface, a deep indie collection, or compatibility with Apple TV. What REALLY makes it worth it is the free shipping. The movie thing is a nice bonus, but I have been using the SHIT out of Amazon Prime to buy TP, Stevia sweetener, yoga mats, and et cetera. Ya know, those type of things. I’ll never go to Walgreens or Wal-Mart or Target or Duane Reade or Academy Sports or Best Buy or Staples or Family Dollar or TJ Maxx or ever again.

Bring Back Annie Potts


Where the hell is Annie Potts? Well, according to wikipedia and imdb, she has been working, but it seems to be only a little bit. After Designing Women and Ghostbusters II, she played Bo Peep in the Toy Story movies. Other than that she has mostly done short TV appearances and TV movies. She was in a Tony winning Broadway play in 2009.


Annie Potts’ breakout Golden Globe nominated role was in Corvette Summer in 1978 and she went on to nail performances in the eighties and nineties in Heartaches, Ghostbusters, Ghotbusters II, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and Who’s Harry Crumb.


To me, her current low profile TV career is unacceptable. Recently seeing her brilliant performance as Iona in Pretty in Pink reminded me of how goddamn awesome she is. No one should be overlooking Annie Potts and she should be performing in Sundancey movies with Bob Odenkirk and Kristen Wiig. She should be appearing in New hip TV comedies with Andy Samberg and Aziz Anzari. There is no better woman to play a slightly older mentor/advice-giver co-worker who is plainly honest with the main character in a lovable but sometimes sarcastic way.

And finally, she looks teriffic! I just don’t get it. Bring back Annie Potts!

American Hustle Extended Clip: J-Law Lip Syncs to Santana

Jennifer Lawrence, star of American Hustle, and woman whom I wish I was, shot an extended clip during her drugged out cleaning scene in “American Hustle”. Click through to watch it because for some reason Jezebel owns that shit and they don’t allow an embed. So you’ll have to actually visit Jezebel.com which is unfortunate, but it’s sooooo worth it. So so worth it. Jezebel even calls it “freaking stupendous”. Ugh.